After the White House declined to overturn the prohibition, Apple stopped selling the newest Apple

Ban Apple Watches Apple stopped selling the newest Apple Watch in the United States.

New York (CNN )
After the White House declined to issue a last-minute emergency move to keep thebest-selling smartwatch on store shelves, the clock was running out on the newest Apple Watch.

The ruling by the US International Trade Commission prohibits Apple from offering the Apple Watch Series 9.and Apple Watch Ultra 2, among other more recent models, because they infringe upon patents owned

by a different company, giving the Biden White House until Christmas Eve to reverse the ruling. But itdid not step in, as was to be expected.Katherine Tai’s office confirmed the decision.The ITC’s ruling became final on December 26, 2023, and Ambassador Tai opted not to overturn it

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after serious consideration, according to Tai’s office.The offending Watch models had already been removed from Apple’s online shop, and when Apple shop locations reopened on Tuesday, they weredevoid of the newest, most expensive watches. The cheaper Apple Watch SE, which was not included in

the decision, is still available for purchase; however, the ban only applies to Apple Watch Series 6 andlater devices, as well as all Apple Watch Ultra variants.Apple makes a claim
In an attempt to overturnthe ITC decision, Apple has filed an appeal with the Federal Circuit court.

The business announced on Tuesday that it was exploring technological and legal avenues to bring back the importation of the most cutting-edge timepieces, including submitting .redesigned Series 9 and Ultra 2 timepieces for clearance by US Customs.

Apple asked for a temporarystay of the ban in its emergency appeal filing filed on Tuesday, requesting that it be granted until U.S.Customs has time to review their redesign, which is anticipated to happen by January 12. The businessclaimed in the motion that if the prohibition is upheld while the appeal is pending, it might “suffer

irreparable harm.”We put in a lot of effort at Apple to develop goods and services that have a real influence on people’s lives. It is the motivation behind our teams’ years-long work to develop medically verified health, exercise, and wellbeing features for Apple Watch across Clinical, Design, and Engineering,the company stated in a statement. ” We strongly object to the exclusion order.that followed the USITC ruling, patent infringement

In October, the US International Trade Commission announced that Apple had infringed on a patent fora pulse oximeter, a gadget that uses light-based technology to assess blood oxygen levels.Masimo is the patent holder. Masimo makes medical devices.

Other companies are still selling the AppleWatches that they have left in-store and online, including Amazon and Best Buy. However, Apple is notallowed to import more smartwatches into the US as a result of the ITC order.

In the US, the lessexpensive Apple Watch SE is still offered for sale both online and in-store. Additionally, the companyclaims that consumers who bought Series 9 and Ultra 2 models before the prohibition took effect on December 25 will still be able to use their watches.

Apple has consistently promoted its smartwatch as a life-saving tool, which has helped propel the device into the stratosphere and establish it as the world’s most popular watch.However, its conflict with Masimo puts that in jeopardy.

In preparation for the verdict, Apple decided to start proactively On December 18, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 versions were taken out of pursuing a range of legal and technical options to ensure that Apple Watch is upheld.”

is available to customers.” However, Apple (AAPL) also promised to “take all necessary steps” toquickly restore the Apple Watch to US consumers.The business might be able to modify software toensure that it doesn’t infringe on Masimo’s patent, possibly by altering how the Watch communicates with the pulse oximeter.

But this might take some time, and there’s no guarantee the ITC will accept Apple’s recommended remedy.According to Masimo CEO Joe Kiani, Apple purposefully violated his company’s patents, as he stated to CNN. However, the businesses have been at odds for a long time. Apple sued Masimo twice for patent infringement in October 2022.

There is some precedent for a president to reverse the ITC eventhough the White House did not intervene. After the ITC found that Apple had violated one of its rules in 2013, President Barack Obama vetoed the decision to outlaw older iPhones and iPads.

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