“Entering a house of horrors”: The spiritual advisor of Kenneth Smith was “terrified” by the execution by nitrogen gas.

“The world must understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is terrifying,” Jeff Hood, Smith’s spiritual advisor, tells The Independent.

Kenneth Eugene Smith’s religious advisor reports that the condemned prisoner is “remaining strong” in anticipation of his scheduled nitrogen gas execution on Thursday.

Before leaving for the William C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama, Dr. Jeff Hood told The Independent that Smith’s support team was “clinging to one another” for comfort after their last-ditch attempts to stop the execution were denied.

When Smith receives the lethal dose of pure nitrogen gas through a strap-on mask in the prison’s execution chamber, Dr. Hood will be there since he was successful in suing the state of Alabama for allegedly infringing the inmate’s right to conscience.

According to him, he will anoint Smith with oil, celebrate the Holy Communion with him, and lay hands on the death row inmates’ feet while they read passages from scripture and pray throughout the execution.

Kenneth Eugene smith

Having witnessed four executions in the previous year, Dr. Hood admitted that he becomes scared to be in the chamber when the nitrogen gas is being administered.

He told the newspaper, “It feels like we’re going into a house of horrors; we have no idea what’s on every corner.”

“We are unaware of when the doors or the floor will start to tremble. It’s horrifying.

Just hours before Smith’s execution, Dr. Hood responded to a question about his condition by saying, “I think that Kenny is remaining strong, that he’s pushing ahead, and I’m incredibly proud of him.”

I believe it comes down to just holding on to one another. He has been saying things like, “We’re going to stick together through this, we’re going to cling to each other,” I plan to do just that.

Following the state’s multiple failed executions, Dr. Hood and other death penalty supporters have harshly criticized Alabama for attempting to employ an untested technique.

An earlier attempt to put Smith to death by lethal injection in 2022 for his involvement in the 1988 murder of Elizabeth Sennett for hire was called off after authorities “jabbed him in his arms and hands” for hours in a futile attempt to get to his veins.

“These folks just have no idea what they’re doing.” “The world needs to know very clearly that this is terrifying,” Dr. Hood stated to The Independent. According to the news from the social media support team.

These are the individuals who, in the past few years, have failed three executions. They have demonstrated that they are the nation’s most inept execution squad.

“We predict that the most incompetent squad in the country will be the execution crew that performs the first nitrogen hypoxia execution. It isn’t very smart.

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Alabama to be 1st state to execute inmate by nitrogen gas

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