Funeral prayers are led by Iran’s supreme leader for a senior Guards adviser.

December 28 – At Sayyed Razi Mousavi’s funeral on Thursday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei conducted prayers. Mousavi was a top advisor for the Revolutionary Guards of Iran (IRGC) who was killed in what Iran claimed was an Israeli airstrike in Syria.

According to reports on state television

According to reports on state television, Khamenei expressed his admiration for the martyr’s unwavering battle and urged him to be with God’s protectors.Major General Hossein Salami, the chief commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), stated that Mousavi was among the resistance front’s most seasoned and successful leaders.

In a televised funeral speech, Salami declared, “Our revenge for the martyrdom of Sayyed Razi will be nothing less than the removal of the Zionist regime,” adding that he had spent nearly 33 years defending the Muslim country.

“With God’s blessing, I pray that the brave and valiant Palestinian fighters will soon eradicate this vile regime’s political and geographic name.”Death to America, Death to Israel” was chanted by mourners.

On Wednesday, Musavi’s body was transported by air from Syria to the revered Shi’ite city of Najaf in Iraq, where it was interred in Tehran.

An Israeli military spokesman indicated that the military did whatever was required to protect the nation, but he would not comment specifically on Mousavi’s passing on Monday.

Iran-backed organizations have launched activities against Israel since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out on October 7. Other groups, such as militias in Iraq, have put American interests in jeopardy.


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