How Tucker Carlson turned into Putin’s handy dickhead

It has been a century since Lenin’s death in January 1924. Nevertheless, Lenin’s infamous “useful idiots” continue to travel to the Kremlin to convey Russia’s message to the West. The most recent in

this long list of gullible foreigners is self-styled journalist Tucker Carlson, whose interview with Vladimir Putin aired earlier this week. Isolativity is a major trait of the useful idiot. They are usually consumed by personal political grudges

at home. They look to a foreign leader like Putin (or Mao or Castro before him) for confirmation of their narrow-minded fixations. Carlson made the most of his opportunity to grill Putin, thinking the

Russian president would yield some juicy information for the US Maga community. Did Putin truly believe America was “never run by those who are elected”? Did Putin consider himself a

leader of Christianity? Is the dollar being undermined by Joe Biden’s administration? Was Kamala Harris, the US vice president, trying to incite a conflict with Russia? Does President Volodymyr

Zelenskyy functions as the Biden administration’s puppet. Putin turned down the offer numerous times. This was not done out of concern for the truth or out of consideration for Biden. The Russian president was merely occupied with his preoccupations,

which included the histories of Russia and Ukraine. During Putin’s lengthy opening speech, in which the Russian leader lectured Middle America on the critical importance of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince

of Kyiv in 1019, one could sense Carlson’s growing terror. If the strange conversation’s terrible content hadn’t occurred, the entire exchange could have been humorous.

But it would also be erroneous to think that Putin and Carlson were just talking over one another. There is a shared objective between the two men in significant aspects and mutual adversaries. When Carlson first started hosting Fox TV, he urged viewers to consider the

question, “Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to dismiss me for having different opinions from him? Carlson said that Middle America was not threatened by the Russian leader. The Shor News regular update from the

true adversaries is “woke” leftists who want to promote transgender rights, undermine American democracy, and bring in a wave of immigrants. Carlson has also used strong language to criticize Zelensky, labeling the head of Ukraine “a dictator, a

It makes sense why the Russians viewed this well-known American as such a dangerous dictator hospitable. Carlson, predictably, encouraged Putin to concur that Zelensky carries out directives from

the US government. However, Putin declined to support that notion. He also gave the impression of leaving open the possibility that Zelensky would choose to participate in peace talks.

However, Putin has also demonstrated that he is more than prepared to accommodate the ideological grievances of the US far-right. In a recent piece for Foreign Affairs, Russian researcher Mikhail Zygar

notes that Putin and his group have consciously entered the “war on woke.” in an attempt to locate far-right friends in Europe and America.”Many Euro-Atlantic countries have gone down the path of abandoning their roots, including Christian

Tucker Carlson

values,” the Russian leader said in a 2013 speech, adding that these nations had failed to successfully incorporate “foreign cultural elements” into their society. In recent times, one of Putin’s closest allies and the secretary of Russia’s national

security council, Nikolai Patrushev, has attacked the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and said that there are areas of the country “where white people are forbidden to enter.” “Such remarks could easily have been written by Tucker Carlson,” writes Zygar.

Putin and his allies have also addressed other major issues that the Trumpist US right finds appealing, like anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ “propaganda.” Carlson and Putin have a few allies in common:

Carlson flew to Budapest to do a swoon-worthy interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín, who has previously served as a Putin apologist inside the EU. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and X, was praised by Carlson for giving him a platform for his interview with Putin and received a positive reference from the Russian president, who said, “There is no stopping Elon Musk.”

Carlson has championed the conspiracy theory known as the “great replacement,” which holds that the US establishment is purposefully encouraging increased immigration to produce a group of obedient citizens. Musk has been toying with the notion that the Biden administration views immigrants as “future Democratic voters” and has accused them of “actively facilitating illegal immigration.”

The Putin interview was conducted at a pivotal moment in US politics: Republicans in Congress were obstructing help to Ukraine, and the presidential contest was becoming more intense. Putin told Carlson that the war would end “in a few weeks” if the US stopped supplying Ukraine with weapons, which he said with considerable glee.

The Russian president took advantage of the opportunity to further tilt the Washington discussion in Russia’s favor. However, it’s unlikely that his bizarre history lessons have changed a large number of votes on Capitol Hill. Perhaps Yaroslav the Wise performed better.

 Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson

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