Judith Rakers: Tagesschau spokesperson’s new friend

Judith Rakers, 42, has discovered love again. After nine years together, the news anchor (“Tagesschau”) and her 47-year-old spouse parted ways nearly ten months ago. Whether she had a new prince charming by her side was unknown at this time. However, as reported by “Bunte” and “Gala,” Judith is rumored to have found a new partner in Sebastian Fuchs (46). It is currently expected that the two are enjoying their time together while on holiday in Sweden.

Photographer Sebastian is originally from Hamburg and was separated from his former spouse Jessica, with whom he shared two daughters. Judith reportedly got along well with Jessica when they first met.It seems that the successful photographer and the stunning blonde had an indirect meeting because Sebastian works for the “NDR Talk Show,” which is produced in the

same building as the “Tagesschau,” among other things, during his employment. It’s reported that the two have already had a lot of conversations in the executive suite of the station about their new friendship. But Judith Rakers and Andreas Pfaff aren’t officially divorced yet. She has not yet made any public remarks regarding the news of her new relationship. But occasionally, an image speaks louder than words.

Judith Rakers Giovanni di Lorenzo captivated by Timon Krause

Judith Rakers was astounded to see Giovanni di Lorenzo captivated by Timon Krause on “3nach9” in just a few seconds.Timon Krause is now a permanent fixture on stages around the globe. The mentalist repeatedly mesmerizes his audience with his illusions. He offered a taste of hypnosis at “3 past 9.”this news posted by shor news in germany.

Bremen: On the most recent episode of “3 nach 9,” a chat show on Radio Bremen, mentalist Timon Krause (age 29) was a guest. In front of a live studio audience, the North Rhine-Westphalian native demonstrated his hypnosis abilities to presenter combo Giovanni di Lorenzo (64), and Judith Rakers (47). As a test subject, the moderator and editor-in-chief of “Die Zeit,” di Lorenzo, participated in the experiment.

At “3 after 9,” Giovanni di Lorenzo succumbs to Timon Krause’s hypnosis despite his nervousness.Di Lorenzo ventured to try hypnosis despite his stage fright, as he first admitted on “3 after 9” while grinning. However, before it began, the reporter asked Timon Krause “whether he could continue talking afterward.” This is crucial for a talk show presenter.

The presenter of “Tagesschau,” Judith Rakers, assured her co-host, “I’ll take care of you.” However, the 47-year-old’s visage conveyed an uneasy mix of respect and worry. Krause then got going. Di Lorenzo followed Krause’s instructions, going into a sort of trance within seconds after hearing the mentalist’s comments. In the meantime, the studio was dead silent, with everyone staring at the captivated presenter. Meanwhile, Judith Rakers rose from her chair to examine the matter from many perspectives.

“How does it all feel?” the mentalist inquired after Timon Krause, who placed fourth in the RTL dancing competition “Let’s Dance” in 2023, “brought back” di Lorenzo. The reporter said, “I’m a little confused, but I’m Yes, there.” In response to the question of whether he was dependent on the mentalist, the 64-year-old stated, “It’s a bit hard to answer, but would say: I was not completely incapacitated.”

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Judith Rakers news

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