K Kavitha’s Delhi court extends ED detention until March 26

A Delhi court has extended the ED custody of BR’s leader K Kavitha until March 26 to interrogate the Delhi excise policy scandal thoroughly. accused of plotting, allegedly responsible for producing revenues of Rs 192.8 crore.

NEW DELHI: Bharat Rashtra Samithi leader K Kavitha’s ED detention was extended by a Delhi court on Saturday, March 26. In the meantime, the BRS leader entered a bail plea in court through her attorney.

The member of Telangana’s legislative council was placed under arrest again for “further sustained and detailed interrogation” by special judge Kaveri Baweja’s court. Kavitha was described by the CBI as a “key conspirator and beneficiary of the Delhi excise policy

scam” when they requested a five-day extension of her custody on Saturday. The agency claimed she arranged a deal with Delhi’s chief minister and deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia and members of the ‘south group’.

Additionally, according to ED, she was responsible for “creating the money laundering ecosystem” and generating Rs 192.8 crore in criminal gains.
She was detained on March 15 by the investigative agency after being charged in the excise policy

case. She was placed in the care of the ED until March 23 on March 16.
The court declared that ED claimed she had a “crucial role” in carrying out the alleged offenses.

K Kavitha’s Delhi court extends ED detention until March 26

Taking note of ED Zoheb Hossain’s special counsel’s assertions that her statement was obtained over five days of questioning, the court documented that she was questioned about the investigation’s results.

Speaking on behalf of Kavitha, attorney Nitesh Rana informed the court that she still adheres to the arguments presented on March 16. Senior attorney Vikram Chaudhary represented Kavitha in court on

March 16 and said that the arrest was a flagrant misuse of power and authority. “It is unlawful to make the arrest. As she was brought into the courtroom, Kavitha declared, “We will fight it in court.”

The agency had promised the Supreme Court in September of last year that it would not summon Kavitha until the next date of hearing on her petition against the summons, but the attorney told the court that the agency had broken that promise.

The accused’s mobile phone has data that has been taken out and is being examined, the ED said to the court on Saturday. The agency also informed the court that she and her family had neglected to

produce the business’s income tax return and family financial records when requested. It stated that because her nephew Mela Sri Sharan had missed two deadlines, a search was being done at his residence.

“In addition, after reviewing the statements made during the inquiry on the dates indicated above, and considering that additional custodial questioning of the accused has been requested for more in-

depth and prolonged questioning for the reasons outlined above, The accused’s ED detention is prolonged until March 26, 2024, under the same terms and circumstances outlined in the decision of March 16, 2024,” the court declared.
She was allowed to see her lawyer, personal assistant, and some of her family members by the court. It also lets her take prescribed medications and cook meals at home.

Who is Kavitha’s husband?

Devanapalli Husband, Anil Kumar K. Kavitha (d. 2003)
On March 23, members of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted searches at the homes of MLC Kalvakunta Kavitha’s family. According to sources, seven teams have raided the homes of her sister-in-law Akhila in Madhapur and her husband Anil Rao in Hyderabad, among other relatives.

When was Telangana Jagruthi formed?

Telangana Jagruthi was founded in August 2006 by Kavitha, who was inspired to work for the benefit of the people by the people’s continuing campaign for Telangana’s statehood. But in November 2007, the organization received official registration. Jagruthi is the word for awakening.

kcr daughter Kavitha’s first marriage?

Following her marriage, Kavitha and her spouse relocated to the United States in 2003. She returned to India in 2006 to assist her father in several ways.

k kavitha age

K. Kavitha/Age
46 years
March 13, 1978

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