Kay Bernstein, President of Herzlia, passed away suddenly

Kay Bernstein, the president of Hertha , passed away. At forty-three, he passed away. The soccer squad in the second tier verified this on Tuesday afternoon. The club as a whole, together with its committees and staff, are “deeply shocked and shocked.”

Kay Bernstein, the president of Hertha BSC, is mourned by the soccer team playing in the second division. The 43-year-old club president passed away unexpectedly, the club reported on Tuesday. At first, little was known about the situation. the shor news report on this way .

“The heartbreaking news that President Kay Bernstein passed away suddenly at the age of 43 was delivered to Hertha BSC today, Tuesday. The club released a statement saying, “The entire club, its committees, and its employees are stunned and deeply dismayed. “To respect the family’s privacy after this terrible event,” the association said. Two daughters and a wife are left behind by Bernstein.

the president from June 2022

Bernstein used to be the club’s lead vocalist in the Ostkurve and was active in Hertha’s social scene. He unexpectedly defeated a rival and the CDU politician Frank Steffel to win the presidency at the general assembly on June 26, 2022. Werner Gegenbauer, the club’s longtime leader, was replaced by him.

It was unusual to have an ex-Ultra leading a team that was still competing in the Bundesliga. He wanted to appreciate the viewpoint of the fans and was worried about projecting an image of an approachable president. Bernstein frequently attacked the professional football system. He previously co-founded the extreme organization Harlequins ’98.

“With the entire Hertha family,” DFL is in mourning.
“The news of Kay Bernstein’s passing shocked and deeply shocked us,” the German Football League (DFL) stated on X: “We send our condolences to the Hertha family and pray for strength for the relatives in particular. “Here, we provide updates on more responses to Kay Bernstein’s passing.

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 Kay Bernstein, President of Herzlia
Kay Bernstein, President of Herzlia

Professional background in life
Bernstein, who was raised in Dresden initially then Berlin-Marzahn starting in 1988, was born in the Erzgebirge. He began training as an electrical installer in 1998 and thereafter worked as an industrial mechanic for system technologies and mechanical systems. He started working as a trainee at Radio Energy in 2004. He worked as an event manager there for the final few years, until 2010. He eventually started working for himself in the event industry in May 2010.

BSC Hertha
He first developed a fondness for Hertha BSC in the early 1990s. He was temporarily capo of the extreme organization Harlekins Berlin in 1998, and he was also a co-founder of numerous fan movements and temporarily barred from stadiums . Over the past few years, he’s been more likely located in the main concourse.

Longtime president Werner Gegenbauer resigned following dissatisfaction within the team as a result of the team’s dismal seasonal results in recent years—in the 2021/22 Bundesliga season, relegation was just avoided in the final relegation game against Hamburger SV. On June 26, 2022, at the general assembly, Bernstein “surprisingly” won the presidency with 1,670 votes, defeating the preferred CDU politician and Füchse Berlin president, Frank Steffel, who received 1,280 votes, and a rival who received 26 votes.

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