LSU vs. South Carolina highlights, results, and statistics: After Angel Reese fouls out, the Gamecocks prevail.

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana: What was the secret to South Carolina’s victory after falling behind for about thirty-three minutes on Thursday night? The three from Bree, namely Bree Hall.

The junior guard scored two key 3-pointers, one of which came from the corner with 1:14 remaining to break a 70-70 tie and give South Carolina the lead for good. The crowd of 13,205 saw the top-ranked Gamecocks defeat LSU 76-70.

Never mind that LSU cruised to as much as an 11-point lead in a game the reigning national champion Tigers largely controlled, while South Carolina, who improved to 18-0, appeared disoriented for most of the evening. However, with 4:02 remaining, Angel Reese fouled out, creating a gap that South Carolina took advantage of hammer dropped. The Gamecocks ran up an 11-3 lead in the end.

South Carolina coach Dawn Staley declared, “We’re going to play for 40 minutes, no matter if we’re up double digits or down double digits, we’re going to try to figure out ways to close the gap.”

“The game ultimately came down to what it usually does: experience and toughness,” LSU head coach Kim Mulkey stated. “They were just tough; they made the plays to win. The SEC benefited from having those two teams compete.”

Chloe Kitts topped all Gamecocks with 14 points, as seven of them scored six points or more. Kamilla Cardoso, a 6-foot-7 senior, needed 11 attempts from the field to score 11 points, but she also pulled down eight rebounds to help South Carolina win the rebounding battle 39–37. Given that LSU dominated rebounding for the majority of the game, the statistic was particularly unexpected, but Reese’s absence undoubtedly had an impact.

“If you lose Angel, you lose a big part of what they do, because she touches the ball a lot and is part of them making decisions,” Staley stated. Shor news basketball team is up to date.

Flau’Jae Johnson of LSU concurred with Staley that the Tigers suffered a loss with Reese’s departure. “That was very successful for us. Only four minutes are remaining, which is too long to go without Angel Reese on the floor given her level of experience.”

At 8:20 remaining in the fourth quarter, and LSU ahead 57-52, Reese was flagged for her fourth foul. With little more than four minutes remaining, she took a little break, came back, and then fouled out again. Although Mulkey recognized that “when you don’t have Angel Reese on the floor (it) takes you out of your rhythm, takes you out of (your) confidence zone,” she didn’t think she brought Reese back into the game too early.

For South Carolina, Raven Johnson was equally important, contributing 13 points, snatching nine rebounds, and providing four assists. With 24 seconds remaining, she made it a two-possession game with a layup, and LSU freshman Mikayla Williams was unable to make a three-pointer to bring the Tigers closer.

Staley praised Johnson after he drew Reese’s fifth foul and converted both free throws to tie the game at 67-67.

Staley stated, “It was huge to get Angel out of the game,” and Johnson “went through her options, then put her head down and made a play” on her game-winning layup. She invests so much in the game, so I’m happy that it was able to give back to her at that particular time.

The only typical day was Thursday when the two teams met during the regular season; most likely, they will play in the SEC Tournament.

“I’ve never been about moral victories. Mulkey remarked, “We had chances to win this game, and we didn’t.” “I’m sure I won’t get much sleep; I’ll be up and down all night.”

“It will teach us. There are other games than this one.”

LSU vs. South Carolina basketball game stats

Here’s a presentation of the LSU vs. South Carolina basketball game stats in a tabular form with human-friendly descriptions:

TeamRecordConference RecordFinal Score1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
South Carolina18-06-07618181624
LSU à     18-3  5-2      70    24     17    15    14

South Carolina Gamecocks:

  • Record: 18 wins, 0 losses
  • Conference Record: 6 wins, 0 losses
  • Final Score: 76
  • Quarter-wise scores:
  • 1st Quarter: 18 points
  • 2nd Quarter: 18 points
  • 3rd Quarter: 16 points
  • 4th Quarter: 24 points

LSU Tigers:

  • Record: 18 wins, 3 losses
  • Conference Record: 5 wins, 2 losses
  • Final Score: 70
  • Quarter-wise scores:
  • 1st Quarter: 24 points
  • 2nd Quarter: 17 points
  • 3rd Quarter: 15 points
  • 4th Quarter: 14 points

The South Carolina Gamecocks maintained their unbeaten record with a final score of 76, overcoming the LSU Tigers, who put up a strong fight with a final score of 70. The game showcased competitive performances throughout all quarters.

No. 9 LSU vs No. 1 South Carolina | SEC | 1.25.24

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