“mahzooz lottery license,over two weeks after all prize draws in the UAE were suspended

The well-known Mahzooz draw claimed it has submitted a bid for a “National Lottery” license, over two weeks after all prize draws in the United Arab Emirates were suspended nationwide. Al Arabiya English revealed last week that operators of the nation’s prize draws, which include Mahzooz and Emirates Draw and have historically offered winners up to $54 million, have been told to cease operations inside the United Arab Emirates as of Monday, January 1.

Mahzooz stated at the time that “the pause is a result of an industry-wide mandate consistent with the regulators’ new role to create a well-regulated gaming environment in the United Arab Emirates.”Industry analysts predict that the establishment of the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) in September by the UAE will generate billions of dollars in income annually by establishing a framework for the regulation of commercial gaming and national lotteries.

As with all federal authorities, GCGRA will be under the supervision of Abu Dhabi. Nonetheless, the authority to permit or prohibit gaming will rest with the leaders of the seven emirates. After the prize draw was halted on Friday after a press presentation that revealed the final winners, a Mahzooz representative declared that, while it wanted to get back into business shortly, it could only do so if a new operating license was granted. They are currently awaiting the gaming regulatory authority’s permission. shor news up date is realy good and time save site.

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 the lucky AED 20,000,000 Mahzooz winner!
the lucky AED 20,000,000 Mahzooz winner!

Al Arabiya English was informed by Suzan Kazzi, head of communications at Ewings (the Mahzooz operator), that a single prize draw in the United Arab Emirates will receive a special license. They hoped they would receive it.

“We were accepted for the national lottery, and we understand there is just one license available,” she said.”EWINGS hopes to successfully bid for the National Lottery license and looks forward to resuming Mahzooz’s mission of changing people’s lives,” the statement said.

In the past, participants have had the opportunity to win prize draws worth millions of dollars, such as Mahzooz, Emirates Draw, Big Ticket, and Dubai Duty-Free.

Every Saturday, Mahzooz, which was revived in 2020 as the first weekly live draw in the GCC, held a raffle. To play, each participant had to buy a minimum of one entry, which was a water bottle that cost less than $10 (Dh35).

The prize amount was determined by Mahzooz drawing matching numbers. Participants might win the $5.4 million (Dh20 million) top prize if they match every number.

Mahzooz has given away some $136 million to more than two million people worldwide over the previous two years.

Entry fees for the Emirates Draw’s three cost-based prize categories were Dh15 for the Easy6 draw, Dh25 for the Fast5 draw, and Dh50 for the Mega7 draw, which featured a weekly draw with a potential grand prize of up to $54.5 million (Dh200 million).

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Meet Sreeju, the lucky AED 20,000,000 Mahzooz winner!

mahzooz lottery faq

How do I claim my price from Mahzooz?

Enter your account information at mahzooz.ae.
Select the tab labeled “Total Balance.”
Select “Transfer/Withdraw.” Enter the withdrawal amount in order to take your winnings out.
Select the withdrawal option that you want.

What is the prize for matching 3 numbers in Mahzooz?

AED 150,000
AED 20,000,000

How do you win the Mahzooz lottery?

Usually, you need to match at least three numbers to win a lower prize. While matching all five digits can result in an even higher total, matching four numbers earns a larger award. On the other hand, you could earn millions if you are able to match all six numbers.

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