Vince McMahon’s mustache kingpin sued for sexual assault, trafficking, meme, and gif for funny creation go viral

Vince McMahon’s mustache is officially gone after almost a year. In honor of The Rock’s appointment to the TKO Board of Directors, the TKO Executive Chairman of the Board was present at the New York Stock Exchange today when The Rock rang the opening bell.

A significant statement made today also revealed that Netflix and WWE have struck a new multi-year agreement, with Raw debuting on the streaming service in the US and other countries in January 2025. In the UK, Netflix will get all WWE content, including Raw.

In video footage of The Rock ringing the opening bell, Vince McMahon, 78, can be seen shaving his mustache and sporting a hairless upper lip on Wall Street. It’s unclear why Vince McMahon chose to remove his mustache.WWE kingpin Vince McMahon sued for sexual assault, trafficking

WWE kingpin Vince McMahon sued for sexual assault, trafficking

The news that McMahon had developed a Gomez Addams-style mustache first surfaced in March 2023, and fans had to wait until WrestleMania week to see the facial hair. At the time, McMahon’s new look was believed to have “turned heads” and was viewed as more dramatic than when he had his head shaved in 2007.

Following Vince McMahon’s radical makeover, people’s opinions
Traina Thoughts also has Snoop Dogg’s “WrestleMania” moment, Jim Nantz’s Monday night conclusion, Bill Raftery’s best “ONIONS” call, and more.

  1. What a crazy weekend in the professional wrestling business. WrestleMania drew almost 160,000 spectators throughout two nights at SoFi Stadium. With a stunning victory over Cody Rhodes, the guest on SI Media’s podcast last week, who was a -550 favorite at one offshore bookmaker, Roman Reigns maintained his two belts. And the WWE was bought by Endeavor.

On Monday morning, Vince McMahon made an appearance on CNBC to discuss the sale of his firm. Two bombshells were presented.

First, he declared that he would engage in creative work “on a higher level,” rather than “in the weeds.” Following his return to the company in January, McMahon’s role in creative had been the subject of much conjecture, as he had retired in July 2022 due to claims of sexual misconduct.

Vince McMahon made an appearance on CNBC to discuss

Two, McMahon has a new appearance that includes significantly darker hair and a possible mustache. McMahon’s appearance was, of course, ideal for social media, eliciting a wide range of responses.

  1. Speaking of WrestleMania, this one will be enjoyed by wrestling fans as well. On Sunday night, Shane, Vince’s son, surprised everyone by mixing it up with The Miz during the event. But Shane ended up seriously hurting his quad, so nothing got off the ground.
  2. Jim Nantz will call the San Diego State–UConn men’s final on Monday night, marking the end of his college basketball broadcasting career. CBS produced a very wonderful farewell video package for him.

.. This is the ideal opportunity to hear Bill Raftery talk about his all-time favorite “ONIONS” call as the tournament draws to a close on Monday night. Shor News picks up news from social media

  1. The pitch clock and its significant influence on Major League Baseball have been discussed extensively here. We also need to be aware that over the first four days of the season, the larger bases and new pickoff regulations have had a significant influence.

In the main event of WrestleMania on Sunday night, Rhodes was defeated by Reigns. This makes his discussion with Jimmy Traina on SI Media’s most recent episode even more fascinating, as it seemed like WWE had prepared Rhodes to win and take the title.

The podcast is available for download on Google, Apple, and Spotify, or you can listen to it below.

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