VIRAL VIDEO: Odd Turn on the Agra National Highway: Following an accident, locals carry out a spontaneous heist on a truck containing chickens valued at Rs 1.5 lakh.

source at yotube (good news today)

An sad accident occurred on the Agra National Highway, giving an unexpected twist to a typical travel. The truck carrying hens, worth at approximately Rs 1.5 lakh, was involved in the transport. What transpired was an odd sequence of circumstances that transformed a normal roadside accident into a story that attracted curiosity as well as attention. Locals in the area instantly changed from being passive spectators to unplanned participants in what can only be characterized as an impromptu chicken robbery as the truck collided and came to a stop. Originally meant for somewhere else, the poultry cargo unexpectedly became the center of an unanticipated craze as people grabbed the chance to steal the priceless birds.

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