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MUMBAI;Dadi says, “Abhira, we didn’t give this dress,” at the beginning of the episode. I didn’t feel at ease wearing a saree, Abhira admits. Dadi makes fun of her.

Abhira says, “These aren’t strange; they’re different; these are my mom’s clothes.” This is also our culture, claims Armaan. Come on, Madhav says, I have to force you to see my senior.

Manish has arrived, says Vidya. Ruhi gets to see her folks. She gives Manish a hug. Manish queries Abhira. Vidya invites them to attend. Come on, Ruhi, Rohit begs, what happened?

Ruhi doesn’t sign anything. Abhira says, “Don’t introduce me; I’m going in a year.” What should I do, wonders Armaan. I’ll hide from everyone, says Abhira. Who will feed you, he asks? She responds, “I can’t hide then.

I appreciate your public support.”of Dadi. It’s alright, he says. She wants him to share the story of that little girl. She argues that because of me, you and your girlfriend can’t be together.

At least discuss her. Armaan walks and considers Ruhi. When Ruhi arrives, she asks how I look. Good, he says. Is there anyone in your heart, she asks? There is nothing between Abhira and me, he claims.

She continues, “Remember, she’s going to be out of your life in a year.” Yes, you do recall that you are now my brother’s wife, he says. You look handsome, she comments. She touches him with the black dot. Worried, he scans his surroundings.

Suwarna observe

Sanjay promises to reveal my face. Maasa, and walk away. He becomes enraged at seeing Manish. Is everything well, Surekha inquires. Yes, he needs to make an urgent call, Kajal replies. Abhira is complimented by Kiara and Charu. Manisha arrives and blocks Abhira’s vision.

The saree, she claims, was superior. I know mom likes you, Kiara says. Abhira believes that I am just a visitor here for a year, so I don’t mind. Manish claims I was unable to meet Abhira. Turning, he sees Abhira.

He thinks of Akshu. “Akshara,” he says. After hearing this, Abhira turns. It’s time for a pair dance, says Rohit. No, Armaan replies. Everyone is adamant. Start the dancing, Surekha asks Ruhi what happened. Armaan and Abhira dance, as do Ruhi and Rohit. Tu jo naina, he plays. Ruhi considers They’re not tuned. Armaan says, “Just follow me, and relax.” They have good dancing.

Ruhi considers Armaan. She gives them a look. Ruhi is held by Rohit. Ruhi is injured while she flees. Running to her is Armaan. He keeps her foot in his grasp. She sobs. He provides assistance and administers painkillers.

Ruhi believes he frets excessively about me. You will be OK, he promises. Ruhi and Suwarna converse. Says Ruhi, I’m content. Says Rohit, Ruhi isn’t pleased with me. Rohit enters his chamber. Suwarna disputes.

Says Ruhi, “I adore Armaan.” I need to speak with Ruhi, says Rohit. Ruhi claims, “He’s the love of my life; I will always remember him.” It shocks Rohit. He walks off. The vase topples. Once outside, they notice the smashed vase. Says Suwarna, it’s a bad omen.

in the event that glass breaks. Ruhi crosses Rohit’s mind while he sobs. Rohit is pursued by Armaan, who stops him. He says, “Where are you going? Did anyone say anything? Did you fight with Ruhi?

Tell me what happened; I can’t see tears in your eyes.” Ruhi loves someone else, whose name I don’t know, and Rohit muses over what to say. It’s okay, he continues, I have some work to do, and nobody will mind if I leave. Ruhi will be concerned, adds Armaan. No, Rohit responds.

He takes a seat in the vehicle. Armaan says, “Talk to me, don’t leave.” I need some time away from this group, Rohit says. In the car is Armaan. Giving him the car keys, he asks him to take a drive. Looks for Armaan, Abhira. She detects Sanjay discussing the case.

She contributes her ideas. According to Sanjay, it’s not a school play. She smiles and performs a demo.

It’s so easy, she claims. The men commend her and remark, “We can win the case; we were unaware of her talent as a lawyer.” Sanjay yells that she lacks a law degree and is not a lawyer. Everyone observes. Sanjay requests Abhira to provide her degree and the number of cases she has won. He probes her. He chastises her.

Manish arrives and inquires about your communication with Abhira, your bahu. She isn’t related to you, according to Sanjay. She is like Ruhi, my great-grandchild, according to Manish. Remarkable, you are hurting our business by forming new relationships and unable to manage the ones you already have.

Keep in mind that Ruhi is this house’s Bahu. Are you threatening me, Manish queries. Everyone makes an effort to soothe them. Vidya remarks He meant something else. Manish is asked to cool down by Ruhi.

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